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CCM Associates

CCM Associates is an independent Chartered Surveying practice specialising in commercial property Asset and Facilities Management throughout South Wales. They have a proven track record in providing a dynamic, effective and client proactive service with an emphasis on providing peace of mind, expert advice and value for money.

How Albany Cleaning Solutions helped

Albany Cleaning Solutions have worked with CCM Associates since 2009. They have a number of sites that they service throughout Cardiff cleaning the communal parts of the buildings that CCM manage for their clients. Albany Cleaning Solutions also provide external cleaning services such as litter picking and window cleaning. Washroom services including sanitary bins, hand dryers, air fresheners also form part of the work Albany Cleaning Solutions provide occasional carpet cleaning to all sites and supply and replenish consumable items like toilet rolls and soaps as well.

What do CCM Associates say about Albany Cleaning Solutions?

We caught up with CCM Associates Managing Director Malcolm Evans to ask for his experience of working with Albany Cleaning Solutions.

How do you find the process of working with them?

We have four sites that Albany are working on at present and we have different teams of people on each site. The admin is very efficient, if I need anything done as a one off then They can help. I worked very closely with Karen over Covid, bouncing ideas off each other as it was new to all of us. The first couple of weeks in April 2020 I was on the phone with Karen all the time, coming up with solutions to the problems between us. Covid proved that Albany are so proactive on anything that we are faced with. Karen particularly is so switched on. Day to day I just don’t have any issues. There are supervisors who I would talk to first, their structure is very good, and the people involved are very amicable and capable.

How did you come to work with Albany Cleaning Solutions?

They were referred by a fellow surveyor in 2009, and Karen came to see me . We appointed them to work on our own building in Cathedral Road. They have always given us a good service at each
site. We have different teams for each site.

Did you have any concerns before you started the project?

There are always concerns about going with someone new. We took references and they were fine. But I’ve never looked back with Albany.

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Will you recommend them to others in your industry? What will you particularly tell them if asked?

No question about that. And I would tell them that Albany are very professional, you can tell from their vans that they care about the business. Everything is spotless. The audits are carried out quarterly and they address any issues, which doesn’t happen often, promptly. They always take pride in their work. Everything about them is right.

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