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Creditsafe, are multinational business intelligence experts. They specialise in business credit checking and reporting.

How Albany Cleaning Solutions helped

Creditsafe’s Caerphilly offices have been clients of Albany Cleaning Solutions since 2011. They
have a number of cleaners on site who clean the offices and the common areas. Albany Cleaning Solutions also supply a lunchtime cleaner who cleans the kitchen and since the Covid-19 pandemic sanitises touch points. They also provide occasional carpet cleaning services and supply Creditsafe with all of their hygiene consumables such as toilet rolls, and soaps replenishing dispensers as required.

What do Creditsafe say about Albany Cleaning Solutions?

We spoke with Kelli Coleman UK facility & Office Manager for Creditsafe to get her view on working with Albany Cleaning Solutions

How do you find the process
of working with them?

They are very efficient, everything is spotlessly clean and they are always on time. They are almost like family to us now. I wouldn’t be without them. Even with the Covid situation they have made sure everything is in place. They keep in touch even after hours to make sure everything is ok. We have routine audits with them.

We have a regular team of friendly cleaners. From working in other companies I have seen cleaners who aren’t very good, but Albany are always great. We have Mandy who manages the cleaners and four others. We have Geoff who does our lunchtime cleaning. Albany have 24 hour access to the building which not many people do as security is important in our business. We can trust them totally.

We have a lot of staff here in Caerphilly usually, although not so many over the Covid time, but they have kept the same level of service all through, coming in every day and making sure everything was done, even if it was cleaning the Fridge or cupboards. They go beyond what we expect they are always looking for something extra to do to help.

How did you come to work with Albany Cleaning Solutions?

Our previous Facility Manager Ray Wilson was working with them. When I took over I continued to use them as I was happy with their work.

Case Study - Creditsafe

Will you recommend them to others in your industry? What will you particularly tell them if asked?

Oh certainly, as I say, they are like family to us now and it says a lot about Albany that we have worked with them for so long.

Case Study - Creditsafe

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