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Llandaff North Medical Centre


Llandaff North Medical Centre is an NHS GP practice operating in the north of Cardiff. They have 6 general practitioners working from the surgery within the Cardiff and Vale Local Health Board.

How Albany Cleaning Solutions helped

Albany Cleaning Solutions have provided cleaning services to the Medical Centre since 2015. They also supply consumables items such as toilet rolls. The also provide additional cleaning as required as well as carpet cleaning services. 

Cleaning Supplies

How did you come to work with Albany Cleaning Solutions?

We started looking for a new cleaning company due to our previous cleaners service level dropping. Albany Cleaning came as a recommendation from a few local GP surgeries.

What does Llandaff North Medical Centre say about Albany Cleaning Solutions?

We spoke to James Morgan Practice Manager at Llandaff North Medical Centre to get his view on working with Albany Cleaning Solutions.

How do you find the process of working with them?

I am a happy long term customer of Albany Cleaning. This is the longest I have stayed with a cleaning contractor and I think this speaks volumes.

Did you have any concerns before you started the project?

One of the concerns I had is that from previous experience the service level drops after a while. If there is no improvement I have to move to a different cleaning company. I am relieved to say this isn’t the case with Albany Cleaning. Their proactive approach to ensuring they maintain a good service level ensures that any issues are ironed out before I even become aware. They have been very proactive during the pandemic, which was exactly what we needed from them.

Will you recommend them to others in your industry? What will you particularly tell them if asked?

I have recommended them to other NHS organisations and even to businesses outside of the NHS. I have other business interests outside of the GP practice and I plan on using them as the cleaning company for those businesses too. I put this down to their good communication, willingness to adapt to our needs and proactive approach to maintaining their quality. With work being incredibly busy I need a cleaning contractor who is reliable, trustworthy and capable. I have that in Albany Cleaning.

Cleaning Supplies

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