Five simple tricks to make sure your classroom stays tidy and organised

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IF YOU often find yourself asking the question, ‘Now where did I put that?’ then you’re probably a teacher. Here at Albany Cleaning Solutions, we have years of experience working in schools offering our professional school cleaning services and know how difficult it is to keep classrooms tidy and organised - so we’ve asked around and put together our top tips for ensuring a calm and ordered learning environment.

Get the kids involved

Children thrive on a little responsibility so why not decide which jobs need doing and hand them out to individual pupils? Make sure there are lots of different jobs to go around and give everyone a turn. Handing out rewards for doing a particular task well is another great way to keep students motivated.

Set an example

If you’re a teacher with a desk piled high with marking and stationery spilling out of drawers, then you may want to consider leading by example. Besides, making sure that everything has its place comes with its own benefits (like not constantly scrabbling around looking for that vital piece of paper you’ve happened to misplace).

Use table tidies

We love classrooms with shared table tubs or tidies. However, we know how frustrating it is to stock each tub with the necessary resources, only for everything to mysteriously vanish halfway through a lesson. Consider asking the children who sit on a particular desk to make sure all the necessary pencils, rubbers and crayons are always well stocked.

Establish a routine

If you’ve ever sat in an early years’ classroom, you’ll know that most teachers have got routine down to a fine art. Make collecting books and tidying up an integral part of the school day – as morning sessions or afternoon lessons finish, or even at the end of every single activity. Little and often is far better than having to tackle an entire day’s worth of mess in one go.

Call in the professionals

If your school classrooms are looking shabby, then it’s surprising what a huge difference a professional cleaning team can make. We offer customised and bespoke cleaning programmes that are tailored to your school’s exact needs, DBS checked staff and exceptional standards of customer service.

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