How to keep your early years classroom clean

How to keep your early years classroom clean


Young children are mostly taught through games and play so it can be something of a challenge to keep your classroom clean and tidy. Early years learning often involves outside activities – in all weathers – and youngsters certainly don’t mind getting muddy.

They also love water and sand play, which can be very messy. In fact, messy play is a crucial part of learning for 0-5 year olds.

But despite all the fun stuff going on, you still face the responsibility of staying on top of the classroom cleanliness. Doing this will help to prevent the spread of germs and also ensures the learning environment is safe, organised and pleasant for the staff and the children.

Get the children into a routine

Include tidying up as part of the school day, whether after each individual activity, or at the end of the morning or afternoon. That way you won’t be faced with a mountain of mess all at once. 

It’s also important to teach the children about being helpful. You may even want to hand out rewards to help motivate them, or sing a class clean-up song.

Avoid bringing the outside in

We all love jumping in muddy puddles, but it’s not so much fun when that mud is brought indoors and trampled into the carpet. Make sure you have a suitable area where children can leave their wet coats and wellies. They could have their own pegs with their names or photographs on.

Wash, wash, wash

Now is a good time to get the children used to washing their own hands with soap and water after using the toilet, before mealtimes and after messy activities. Another way to help stop germs from spreading is to teach them to cover their mouth when they cough – although as any parent will tell you, this is sometimes easier said than done!

Make use of bins

Show the children where the rubbish and recycling bins are and encourage them to make use of what’s available. That way you won’t find yourself negotiating used tissues and other litter on the floor.


Cupboards and drawers are worth their weight in gold. Label them to help you find what you need and make tidying up easier.

Call in the professionals

If you need help with keeping your early years learning environment clean, a professional team could make all the difference. We offer cleaning programmes that are tailored to your school’s specific needs, as well as DBS checked staff and outstanding customer service.

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