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5 Tips for Keeping School Restrooms Clean

Restrooms in schools can get dirty quickly, simply from the volume of daily use. A proper cleaning routine by a professional company is required to keep bathrooms thoroughly hygienic; however, there are some minor changes you can make that will help restrooms stay cleaner and tidier between professional visits and make a noticeable difference for pupils and staff.

  1. Encourage Thorough Handwashing

Encouraging both pupils and teachers to wash their hands throughout the day will help reduce the number of bacteria within a restroom, thanks to a higher overall hygiene rate. Providing hygiene signs that remind everyone to wash their hands and teaching the importance of doing so can help.

Handwashing also has the further benefit of reducing the risk of illness spreading through the school and reducing sick days for staff and students.

  1. Provide Liquid Soap Dispensers

Liquid soap dispensers are more hygienic than traditional bar soap. They also produce much less mess and are more cost-effective as they last longer than bar soap.

  1. Use Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are better than paper towels for keeping restrooms clean as they reduce the risk of paper towels being discarded on the floor, making the place untidy and unclean. Hand dryers are also more cost-effective and vastly reduce the amount of waste.

  1. Have Bins Handily Located

Providing bins within restrooms means there’s less chance of students leaving litter on the floor. Students will be far more likely to use rubbish containers when you offer them, leaving the restroom tidier.

  1. Regular Monitoring throughout the Day

The restrooms should be monitored regularly throughout the day, with any litter picked up and sinks given a quick wipe round to remove dirt or soap. When students enter a clean restroom, they are more likely to leave it that way.

  1. Have Restrooms Cleaned Regularly by a Professional Cleaning Team

There’s only so much difference hand-dryers, proper handwashing, bins, and soap dispensers can make when keeping school restrooms clean. The number one way to keep school restrooms clean is by using a professional company like ours that has decades of experience cleaning school restrooms and knows how to keep them as hygienic as possible.

If you’d like to learn about professional school cleaning by Albany Cleaning Solutions, get in touch with our team today. We have been cleaning schools across Cardiff, Bristol, South Wales, and the southwest for almost 20 years and are proud to deliver outstanding quality cleaning at competitive prices.

No matter what size your school is, we have trained and experienced cleaners who can keep your restrooms and the rest of the school looking great. All our staff members are fully vetted, DBS checked, and wear uniforms whilst working for your peace of mind.

We provide personalised quotes to fit your school and your requirements. Email us at or call us on 029 2048 7538 for a quote for your school cleaning requirements.

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