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‘Back to Work’ Cleaning and Sanitation

When COVID-19 first struck, many companies initiated work from home policies or utilised the furlough scheme in order to protect the health and safety of their employees. Offices and other business premises around the country closed their doors, restricting staff and customers from entering. Now preventative measures such as mandatory PPE, social distancing and other restrictions have allowed society to regain a bit of normality, albeit a new normal. Businesses can open, staff can return to their workplaces, and children have returned to school. These changes feel good and give a sense of returning to normal, and in fact, are necessary for the economy and the nation’s mental health, but it is essential to remember that coronavirus is still rife, and we need to do all we can to mitigate the potential spread.

If you own or manage a business with the intent to reopen, you must implement measures to ensure your workplace is safe for returning staff and customers. The World Health Organisation released a document entitled ‘Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19’, advising how to prevent the spread and manage the risks in workplaces. The first clause is ‘make sure your workplaces are kept clean and hygienic’ because ‘contamination on surfaces touched by employees and customers is one of the main ways that COVID-19 spreads’.
Before reopening, your premises must be thoroughly disinfected and sanitised to a high standard. Albany Cleaning offers the following ‘Back to Work’ deep cleaning options to protect your business, customers and employees from COVID-19:

1. Disinfection of all visible and accessible areas with a fogging machine.
This is the quickest and cheapest solution. There is a fast turnaround, meaning staff can return to work quicker. However, it is not as thorough as a deep clean.
We recommended this service for large workplace premises.

2. A manual deep clean of all areas from top to bottom
(includes disinfecting touch points by hand).
This is the most thorough method but is also the most time-consuming. It is not always practical for large areas.

3. A combination of the two above methods
(fogging of all visible areas with the fogging machine, then focus on disinfecting touch points by hand).
We recommend this method for most workplace premises, as it is quick and practical, and provides though cleaning of the most commonly touched areas.

4. A combination of 1 & 2
(Fogging of all areas, combined with a manual deep clean of all surfaces and further disinfecting of the entire premises by hand).

If your business is reopening, get in touch today to book a ‘Back to Work’ clean with Albany Cleaning. We can also provide regular cleaning services to ensure the sanitation of your workplace is maintained. For more information, please visit

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