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How Clean is Your Office Environment?

If you’re like most other employees, chances are that you focus more on completing your job responsibilities than keeping your workspace clean. So, it is hardly surprising that you spend a good part of your working day in enclosed surroundings covered with dust and grime.

Did you know that your office desk is likely to be infested with more microorganisms than your office’s toilet seat?

Your office can become a breeding ground for different forms of harmful microbes and bacteria if not cleaned regularly. As your trusted contract cleaning company in Bristol, Albany Cleaning can help keep your office pristine and germ-free.

We can professionally clean all areas of the office that tend to attract the maximum dust.


Numerous studies have found that most keyboards on average harbour approximately 3,500 bacteria on the surface. These studies also pointed out that keyboards teeming with microbes are potential sources of gastroenteritis or food poisoning.

If your employees eat at their desks, they are at a huge risk.

No wonder then keyboards replete with food crumbs, hair, and other waste facilitate breeding of bacteria, thereby posing grave health hazards. Albany Cleaning provides professional contract cleaning service in Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, and Newport.

Office Desks

Chances are that you work in a modern-day office typified by compact workspaces. So, it follows that your cubicle tends to be quite cramped where your work desk is stacked with files, documents, and a host of stationery items. And packed-in workspaces have a high tendency to draw dust, grime, and debris.

A University of Arizona study indicated that personal items, cabinets, keyboards, computers, and phones of male employees, had 3-4 times more microorganisms than those of female personnel.

Toilet Seat

Contrary to what you may think, toilet seats in your office might be cleaner than your desk, monitor, and keyboard. Although this assertion sounds unbelievable, it is true. Research conducted by University of Arizona revealed that your smartphone actually bears 8-10 times more microbes compared to the majority of toilet seats.


Do you know that the modest and unassuming mouse carries more than 1,500 germs on its surface?

Outsource Your Office Cleaning Task to a Commercial Cleaning Company

If your office remains dirty and messy, your employees are likely to fall sick. On the other hand, if you ask your staff members to clean the workplace, they might lose interest in their job, which will affect productivity and efficiency.

Are you aware that the UK economy suffers a revenue loss of almost £12 billion due to employee absenteeism and ailments?

Enjoy complete peace of mind by entrusting your office cleaning task to Albany Cleaning.

How Clean is Your Office Environment?

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