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Innovation in Cleaning

Albany Cleaning Solutions’ approach to Innovation in Cleaning is to challenge the old way of doing things, explore new products and equipment, and encourage our staff to come up with better suggestions.

We don’t confine our approach to innovation to any one area but rather to the full service we provide; this encompasses thinking about how we liaise with clients, our cleaning methodologies, the sustainable products we use, and the technology and equipment that support us.

As part of our continuous goal for improvement, we are always looking for ways to better our performance and service delivery. Adopting an innovative approach and using those innovations is conducive to achieving these goals.


Remote Staff Monitoring Systems

We support our cleaning service delivery with an innovative staff management system which includes individual log-in/log-out recognition via a GPS-based system we program to each cleaning operative’s working shift. If there is no log-in (allowing for a 10-minute leeway), an alert notifies the Area Manager.

The Area Manager can then contact the cleaning operative or other team members to understand the delay and take appropriate action, for example, organise cover staff, timetable our mobile cleaning operatives, or get to the site urgently in a lone worker situation.

This system ensures our clients receive the correct cleaning shift and gives confidence that only Albany Cleaning Solutions DBS cleared and insured operatives are on site while protecting our teams.

Paperless Audits

Albany Cleaning Solutions uses a paperless Audit System which provides clients with a real-time measurement of cleaning standards, delivered clearly and precisely. This audit supports the Scope of Works at your site, supporting the Schedule of Responsibilities and Performance Target KPIs.

Area Managers complete the cleaning standards audit via a mobile device using a red, amber, and green traffic light system.

Facilities Representatives can review the completed audit report on screen, via email, or by logging into our CAFM system, which we can tailor to create various reports providing you with the exact information you require.

Innovative equipment

Innovative Equipment – Example Cordless

Cordless Equipment: Cordless commercial vacuum cleaners are suitable for various commercial vacuuming applications in office spaces, congested areas, and busy pedestrian zones. This equipment is highly versatile because it is powered by a battery rather than a mains power supply, so there are no wires to restrict access.

Safety First: Cordless equipment directly supports Health & Safety protocols by increasing safe working practices around your employees with NO trip hazards from trailing wires, and backpack versions are a safer application for cleaning stairwells.

Increased Productivity: Commercial cordless equipment enables a successful and productive vacuuming regime throughout your buildings. With no need to plug and unplug the equipment, time savings are easily made, plus the equipment enables the operator to swiftly vacuum only the areas that require cleaning whilst visually scanning all areas.


Sustainable Innovation

We constantly review Sustainability Innovations, advising and supporting our clients on sustainability options. For example, we can provide water-saving options in your building using a serviced system that allows your taps to deliver the right amount of water without waste. Minimising water flow in this way can save up to 70% on water usage. The solution suits both hot and cold taps and pillar or mixer taps. Trained technicians install, service and exchange the system.

Albany Cleaning Solutions continues to search for innovative ways to improve our service to all our customers. If you want to find out how Albany can help you, please get in touch, and we will arrange a custom quote. Contact us on 029 2294 0475 or email or

Innovation in cleaning

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