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Office Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, many companies are preparing for their employees’ return to working in the office. Not surprisingly, the subject of office cleaning is on the minds of many. Shared office spaces must be hygienic to keep employees safe.

There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to office cleaning, which is why it is crucial to choose a professional company to keep your office clean, tidy and safe for staff. Here are our most important do’s and don’ts.

Office Cleaning Do’s

  • Dust – dust can build up surprisingly quickly in offices


  • Empty bins regularly –to ensure hygiene, especially now it is essential that tissues, for example, are not left sitting in a full bin.


  • Do clean electronics correctly – correctly cleaning electronic equipment with microfibre cloths and the right cleaning products can extend the lifespan of some electronic devices and minimise the possibility of spreading any germs.


  • Keep toilets clean – toilets must be cleaned regularly to stay hygienic.


  • Clean outside working hours to ensure that staff do not get in the way of the thorough cleaning of all areas of the office.

Office Cleaning Don’ts

  • Don’t ignore desks – these need to be dusted and cleaned with antibacterial cleaning products regularly. Employers must encourage their staff to keep desks free from paperwork and other clutter at the end of the working day to allow effective cleaning. Providing paper trays, folders and rubbish bins all help encourage team members to keep a mess-free desk.


  • Don’t use the wrong products or reuse cleaning clothes–it is crucial to use the right products in different areas to ensure everything is as clean and germ-free as possible. Using the wrong products or dirty clothes can cause damage to certain surfaces, leave bacteria on desks and worktops.


  • Don’t let employees eat at their desks – Employees eating at their desks means crumbs, spillages (potentially onto expensive electronics!), and other grime can build up quickly. Having a dedicated kitchen or break area within the office for workers to use when having lunch or eating a snack prevents this issue


To find out more about our professional office cleaning services, contact us for a personalised quote for your business.  We also offer a consumable supply service for items such as toilet paper, hand towels, hand gels, waste sacks, antibacterial products and more to ensure you always have the things you and your staff need to stay safe!

How Clean is Your Office Environment?

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