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Office Cleaning for a Hybrid Workforce

Although everyday life has mostly returned to normal post-COVID-19, many companies continue to have their employees work from home for part of the working week. It is important to ensure you consider office cleaning for a hybrid workforce.

Hybrid working, with employees coming and going on different days, can mean more challenges for employers regarding office cleaning. For example, an employer has two teams, and one team works Monday and Tuesday in the office and the other Wednesday and Thursday. In that case, a professional cleaning company should thoroughly clean the office space on a Tuesday evening, so it is fresh and clean for the second team arriving on Wednesday morning. Whilst this is just one example of successfully achieving office cleaning for a hybrid workforce, it will vary from business to business depending on how their employees and teams work.

Being able to tell employees about the measures you’re taking to ensure the desk they sit at has been hygienically cleaned since the last person used it shows your commitment to employee health and wellbeing. If you have employees who are unsure about returning to the office, it can help them feel more comfortable if they know you are using a professional cleaning company with a specific cleaning schedule to keep everything as hygienic and safe as possible.

There should also be clear guidelines to employees for any cleaning you expect them to undertake in between professional cleaning. This might include wiping down the table they’ve used to eat their lunch in the break room or using hand sanitiser regularly to prevent the spread of germs and diseases.

One of the most essential things about office cleaning for a hybrid workforce is choosing a professional company that can meet your requirements with the schedule you need. At Albany Cleaning Solutions, we offer tailored office cleaning solutions and a flexible out-of-hours cleaning service shaped around your business and requirements.

Our office cleaning service includes

  • All cleaning materials and equipment
  • A dedicated commercial cleaning management team
  • All staff are DBS checked, wear a uniform and are fully vetted
  • Regular quality audits carried out by Area Supervisors
  • Out-of-hours evening and weekend cleaning to fit your schedule

To ensure your workplace is a clean, safe space where employees can carry out hybrid work safely, Albany Cleaning Solutions is here to help. We can provide you with a fully bespoke quote for your cleaning needs. We currently employ over 200 experienced cleaners and manage more than 150 client sites across South Wales and the southwest, so we have the staff and the experience to provide you with the best possible service! Call Cardiff 029 2048 7538, Bristol 0117 325 4538 or Swansea 01792 722 538 or email

Office Cleaning for a Hybrid Workforce

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