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Single-Use Plastic Ban in Wales!

Wales is taking proactive steps to reduce single-use plastics and promote sustainable alternatives. In Autumn 2023, the Welsh government will ban unnecessary, single-use plastics that have sustainable alternatives. The ban is essential for reducing plastic waste and protecting the environment.

Plastic is incredibly harmful to humans and the environment because greenhouse gases are released through production and decomposition, contributing to climate change. Furthermore, once the plastic is created, it can never be destroyed. Instead, it slowly breaks down into microparticles that contaminate our water systems.

Single-use plastics, like straws and bags, are especially harmful because they are used for only a few minutes but will persist in the environment for centuries, clogging landfills, polluting our ecosystems, and causing harm to wildlife and marine life.

Items to be banned in Wales in Autumn 2023 include:
1.     Cutlery.
2.     Plates.
3.     Stirrers.
4.     Drinking straws (with an exemption for those who require straws for independent living).
5.     Plastic-stemmed cotton buds.
6.     Balloon sticks.
7.     Expanded and foamed extruded polystyrene fast-food containers.
8.     Expanded and foamed extruded polystyrene cups.
9.     Polystyrene lids for all cups and fast-food containers.
10.  Thin plastic single-use carrier bags (with exemptions, such as for food hygiene).
11.  All products made of oxo-degradable plastic.

The Welsh Government aims to encourage more sustainable alternatives and reduce plastic pollution by banning these items. This initiative aligns with global efforts to address the environmental impact of single-use plastics and promote a more circular economy.
Single Use Plastic
Albany Cleaning is also taking the initiative to protect the environment and support the single-use plastic ban. We provide Serviced Entrance Mats to our clients, made from ECONYL regenerated nylon.

ECONYL Entrance matsECONYL regenerated nylon is made by recovering and recycling nylon waste. This includes fishing nets used for dredging, fabric scraps from mills, and carpets that would otherwise end up in landfills. Recycling nylon reduces the need for new plastic production, reducing plastic waste that pollutes the environment. Abandoned fishing nets pose a significant threat to marine life, so recovering them from the oceans helps to protect creatures like Steve the sea turtle, from entanglement and other harm. This initiative demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship and supporting healthy ecosystems.

By utilising ECONYL mats, Albany Cleaning Solutions provides a practical solution for keeping floors clean while actively contributing towards cleaning our planet.

Albany Cleaning Solutions believes in setting a positive example for other businesses and individuals by choosing sustainable materials and reducing waste and pollution. Together, we can all make a difference in protecting and preserving our blue planet for future generations. To learn more about Albany Cleaning Solution’s Cleaning and Support Services that are brimming with Sustainable Innovation, please contact us at Cardiff: 029 2105 0476, Bristol: 0117 325 4538 or Swansea: 01792 722 538, or email us at

Single Use Plastic

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