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Staff Training

As a professional Cleaning Solutions provider, working with a diverse workforce across a multitude of different environments Staff Training is of the upmost importance to us at all times, to keep our staff and clients safe, not to mention their visitors, pupils, patients, customers and clients.

Staff Training, including but not limited too; BICSc Task/ Method, Infection Control, Health & Safety, COSHH, Colour Coding and Equipment Care are all kept up to date as a matter of policy, with all information being accessible within a site folder, as well as available electronically.  We also carry out an Environmental Aspects and Impacts Assessment in order to reduce our environmental impact. We train and educate all employees in respect of our environmental policy and encourage contribution from our staff towards improving the environmental performance of the company.

Our ISO 45001 Certification, SafeContractor Accreditation and Prosure360 Award are all designed to support our training and knowledge in the prevention of work-related injury and ill-health, while providing safe and healthy workplaces. An effective occupational health and safety management system will help you to protect and enhance your most important asset, your people, to drive business excellence.

Our Training Philosophy includes;

Increase Productivity

If our people know what they’re doing and are properly trained, our productivity will increase with better quality services and more efficient employees.


Reduce Employee Turnover

Investing in our people will help them understand that Albany Cleaning Solutions are interested in developing their skills and they stay with the company longer.

Decrease Need for Supervision

Free up managers time and effort and empower employees to do the work themselves.

Increase Ability to Incorporate New Technologies

Keeping up to date with technology is imperative, productive, and safer cleaning equipment is always positive, as well as keeping up with sustainable innovation. Ensuring that our employees are current with technology will not only enable them to do their job better but also ensures we are at the forefront when it comes to the competition.

Increase Safety to Prevent Work-Related Injury or Illness

Training in health and safety will reduces the number of work-based injuries- fact.

Maintain employee Credentials and Certifications

Maintaining credentials is more cost effective than allowing them to expire and starting again. Ensure that the qualifications of your employees remain up to date with regular training.

Help Employees Meet New Responsibilities

Training for newly promoted employees is beneficial to both the business and the employee in terms of productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Increase Job Satisfaction, Morale and Motivation Among Employees

A happy workforce is a productive workforce. Training increases the well-being of employees and reduces absenteeism, mistakes, and stress in the workplace. The proof is in the longevity of our workforce.

Enhance Company Image

Offering learning and development and gaining accreditations can be prestigious in terms of promoting the company and ensuring that people see a future in working at Albany Cleaning Solutions. It is respectful and how people should be treated.

Staff Training

Staff Training

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