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Sustainable Innovation in Cleaning

Sustainable Innovation in CleaningAlbany Cleaning Solutions does not confine our approach to sustainable innovation to any single area but rather to the entire service we provide; this entails thinking creatively about how we liaise with clients, our cleaning methodologies, the products we use, and the technology and equipment that support us.

As part of our continuous improvement cycle, we constantly look for ways to improve our performance and service delivery. Using innovations and adopting an innovative approach is often conducive to achieving these goals.

Using Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products: One of the fundamental steps towards sustainable cleaning practices is opting for environmentally friendly cleaning products. These products are typically formulated with biodegradable ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and no harmful chemicals.

Energy-Efficient Cleaning Equipment: An essential aspect of sustainable cleaning is utilising energy-efficient equipment. Investing in high-performance vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters, low-energy consumption scrubbers, or other green-certified equipment can significantly reduce energy and water usage during cleaning operations.

Implementing Waste Reduction Strategies: We also focus on reducing waste by promoting recycling programs and using cleaning products with fully recyclable packaging and containers – minimising our overall resource consumption. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Staff Training: Providing training programmes to our cleaning teams is crucial for the success of sustainable cleaning initiatives. We educate our employees on reducing product usage, product dilution methods, and effective waste management practices, all of which help minimise environmental impact.

Promoting a Culture of Sustainability: Encouraging the values of sustainability within our organisation is key to long-term success in maintaining environmentally friendly cleaning practices. Communicating our sustainability goals to employees and leading by example can create a lasting impact on environmental stewardship.Sustainable Innovation in Cleaning

Sustainable Innovation

Albany Cleaning Solutions works with suppliers who also look at sustainability innovatively; for instance, we can supply Serviced Entrance Mats constructed from 100% regenerated and regenerable yarn. These entrance mats are made using recycled plastic ghost fishing nets retrieved from the world’s oceans. The yarn is produced using a complex chemical process that regenerates the material with the same performance as standard fibres.

We can provide sustainability in Feminine Hygiene Waste Services, where instead of the waste going to landfill or incineration (an across-the-board standard practice) all the hygiene waste collected is taken to transfer stations where it is sorted for recycling and recovery. From here, it’s collected and sent to local energy from waste (EfW) plants, where it’s turned into a renewable fuel source used to power our homes, hospitals, schools, and businesses. The waste collected is never sent to landfill.

We also look at the latest Energy Efficient Innovative Equipment that saves energy and reduces water usage, cleaning around your staff and clients without leaving floors wet and giving our cleaning operatives total visibility and control in occupied spaces. Cleaning underneath tables, busy reception floors, under washroom sinks, turn a 360 on the spot, and clean 10 times faster than with a manual mop while leaving the floor cleaner!

By continuously looking for ways to do things better, more sustainably and safer, we can continually demonstrate our commitment to our clients and our planet.

Albany Cleaning is the solution if you are looking for a professional cleaning team for your business premises. For a bespoke quotation for a cleaning programme tailored to your needs, please email, phone us on 029 2294 0475 or complete our online form.

Sustainable Innovation in Cleaning

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