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Why It is a Good Idea to Have Professional Car Dealership Cleaners

At car dealerships, first impressions matter, so it’s essential that not only are the cars clean, shiny and looking their best, but the rest of the dealership is too. Here are just some of the reasons why it’s vital to use professional car dealership cleaners to give potential customers the right impression from the start.

Professional Car Dealership Cleaners Have the Expertise

Professional cleaning companies like ours have the expertise needed to know which products to use in certain areas, how to treat specific stains and spillages, and much more to keep your showroom looking its best. We supply our cleaning products and the equipment we need and always use the right products for every inch of your car dealership to ensure the best results possible.


Professional Car Dealership Cleaners Know How to Work Around Members of the Public

All the cleaners in our team are fully vetted, DBS checked, and professionals who know how to behave in a car dealership setting where members of the public are present. Our team also wear uniforms, so they always look presentable and professional.

Professional Car Dealership Cleaners Know How to Work Around High-Value Items

When it comes to high-value items, it doesn’t get more high-value than cars, which is why it’s important to work with a team used to working safely around cars. Our team knows what products to use and avoid, keeping the showroom sparkling clean and all the vehicles safe and protected.


Professional Car Dealership Cleaners Work to the Highest Standards

Professional cleaning companies will deliver a level of cleanliness that is unrivalled. We even have GPS tracking to provide full transparency that we complete all our contracted hours. To ensure consistent quality, we also have Area Managers who conduct regular audits to check the highest standards.

In addition to this, we’re also available 24/7 to deal with any issues that might arise. We are fully committed to delivering a car showroom cleaning service you can trust every time, and we want to provide the best customer service possible.


Professional Car Dealership Cleaners Work to Your Schedule

We understand that you may not want cleaning professionals in your car dealership while customers are there, and that’s why we offer a flexible cleaning service, including out-of-hours operations, to suit your needs.


Albany Cleaning Solutions provide the dependability and squeaky-clean finish you need to deliver the right impression at your car dealership to your customers. We have years of experience and expertise delivering tailored cleaning solutions for car showrooms across Cardiff, Bristol, Newport, Swansea, and the surrounding areas.

We understand that margins matter in the car business, so we offer highly competitive prices. Contact our team today to get a personalised quote for your car showroom. Call us now on 029 2048 7538 or email us at

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