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Why You Should Hire a Professional School Cleaning Service

It’s never been more important to keep your school clean than it is now with Covid 19, flu, colds and other germs going around. Keeping schools clean and sanitised helps stop viruses from spreading throughout pupils, teachers, and other employees.  Here are just a few reasons why having a professional school cleaning service is the best solution.

A Professional Company Uses the Right Products

A professional school cleaning service from companies like ours use the right products to kill germs and keep areas clean and sanitised. We know what cleaning solutions and accessories to use on what surfaces and provide all the products and equipment we need to carry out the job to the highest standards.


It Creates a Better Environment

A clean school is a better environment for everyone. A clean and welcoming atmosphere will encourage productivity amongst staff and pupils and provide an excellent first impression to any visitors.


It Keeps Everyone Healthy

A professional school cleaning service will keep a school as germ-free as possible so students, teachers, staff, and visitors aren’t exposed to unhealthy bacteria that can quickly spread through a school like wildfire. This means the number of sick days and absences will be reduced, and pupils can learn without these disruptions.


Cut Down on Maintenance

Regular professional cleaning can help schools cut down on maintenance in some cases. Proper cleaning helps prevent pests and stops potential damage to floors and furniture where items are spilt, providing a longer lifespan for these items.


Allows Staff to Focus on Their Roles

Knowing that a professional company handles the cleaning needs allows teachers and other school staff members to focus on their roles and what they’re best at. Being safe in the knowledge their classrooms and other areas will be cleaned means they can dedicate their energies to their pupils and other tasks.


We have provided professional school cleaning services to schools across Cardiff, Bristol, South Wales and the Southwest for almost 20 years. We strive to consistently deliver the highest quality cleaning at a competitive price for our customers. We can work out a flexible cleaning schedule that includes evenings and weekends to ensure no disruption to lessons or extra-curricular activities.

Our trained and experienced team members will leave your school looking spotless no matter what size your school is. We thoroughly vet and DBS check all our staff, and they wear uniforms whilst working for your peace of mind. We also carry out regular spot checks by our Area Supervisors to ensure standards are at the highest possible level.

If you would like to contact us regarding a school cleaning quote, call Cardiff 029 2048 7538, Bristol 0117 325 4538, or Swansea 01792 722 538. Alternatively, you can email We can personalise a quote to fit your school and your requirements.


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