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Employee Wellbeing


Employee WellbeingEmployee Wellbeing: A happy workplace tends to be a productive, flexible, and resilient workplace.

However, this can be difficult to measure; after all, how do you gauge how happy your workplace is? In addition, what makes a happy workplace for one person, may cause stress and anxiety for someone else.

We believe autonomy is top of the list when it comes to contributing factors for workplace happiness. However, a mix of many factors is needed to create an encompassing feeling of happiness for our employees.

  • Autonomy – When employees feel they have control over their actions, they are better equipped to take responsibility for their productivity and happiness. It is good to feel respected and valued.
  • Progress – When employees feel that they are making progress towards goals that they are invested in, they are more likely to be happy. This can be readily achieved by helping to make advancement possible and allowing employees to be involved in setting their career goals.
  • Relationships – When relationships within the workplace are positive, the environment becomes more supportive and friendly. It can be positive for employees to get to know each other without the background of the work they do.
  • Meaning – If people feel that their work has a purpose and makes a difference, they are happier and more resilient.

Employees in a happy workplace are more satisfied and healthier; This can make people more engaged and content to stay in their current employment.

Employee WellbeingIn conjunction with the above contributors, there are a number of more practical methods for improving happiness.

  • Consistent and meaningful praise and recognition – This is quite simple, and you can implement this in many ways; one suggestion is to create a staff appraisal system where employees are praised by each other for the work they have done that is deserving of recognition.
  • Provide well-being perks – Increased pay is not always the best way to make employees happy. Offering health and wellness programs, childcare, and flexible working are great examples.
  • Invest in personal development – Employees who feel they are growing are more likely to stay. Training courses, training sessions and practical applications will contribute to this.
  • Interacting and staff events – These help employees build positive relationships at work and can be as simple as a team lunch or as involved as activities out of the office.

Committing to creating a happy work environment that benefits everyone and increases the livelihood of your entire organisation should be a priority for every business.

Albany Cleaning Solutions believes in setting a positive example for other businesses and individuals by sharing a happy workplace and respecting everyone. Together, we can all make a difference by valuing people and listening to their needs. To learn more about Albany Cleaning Solution’s Professional Cleaning and Support Services, please contact us at Cardiff: 029 2105 0476, Bristol: 0117 325 4538 or Swansea: 01792 722 538 or email us at

Employee Wellbeing

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