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ESG (Environmental Social Governance)

ESG (Environmental Social Governance)

ESG (Environmental Social Governance) has become more and more prominent over the past couple of years, and it is now quite rare to read a corporate review or the latest business news section without someone citing ESG policies or ESG governance – so what is ESG? Why is it such a popular topic, and is it relevant when considering a cleaning solutions company?

ESG describes ethical, sustainable work practices, covering the ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL and GOVERNANCE.

Environmental encompasses looking after our world, including energy efficiency, climate change, recycling, waste management, pollution, renewables, and sustainability.

Social is about how a company cares about their workforce: equal opportunities, working hours, working conditions, staff training, health & safety and how this impacts the community, conflict resolution and staff wellbeing.

Governance includes company leadership, decision-making, visibility, risk management, anti-bribery, diversity, and corporate responsibility.

ESG (Environmental Social Governance)

ESG is relevant today because people and businesses are aware of the need for companies to be responsible, and with good reason. Customers expect their suppliers to do everything possible to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.

That also means people investing in those companies demand the same. Investors, stakeholders, partners, and suppliers need to consider ESG because the wider world expects the companies they do business with to be aware and be better.

You must identify cleaning service suppliers that comply with ESG and who understand what compliance includes.


Commitment to Sustainable Sourcing.

Sustainability doesn’t just stop with your suppliers; it must also extend to their suppliers. Look for a commercial cleaning company that holds their suppliers to the same standards they adhere to. Ask your intended cleaning supplier if their suppliers adhere to the same principles and policies. An example would be working with suppliers with ISO 14001 accreditation, meaning they have fully functional environmental management systems in place.


Commitment to Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products.

Chemical use is an inescapable part of cleaning; however, the type of chemicals used can make a massive difference in their environmental impact. Many cleaning chemicals are harmful to the environment, both to produce and to use. A company committed to replacing these chemicals with more sustainable alternatives is worth doing business with.

Commitment to recycling consumables and product packaging

Cleaning companies use a lot of consumables (such as cloths, towels, cleaning fluids and other equipment), plus it all arrives packaged. A company can demonstrate their commitment to the principles of ESG by recycling packaging, using consumables that are biodegradable, ethically sourced, recycled and recyclable, and obtaining equipment from sustainable sources,

You can develop your own ESG Policies by working with companies like Albany Cleaning Solutions, which understand and embrace the principles of ESG.

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ESG (Environmental Social Governance)

ESG (Environmental Social Governance)

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