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Healthcare and Medical Sector Cleaning

Efficient cleaning in a healthcare environment is crucial for maintaining a safe and healthy environment for patients and healthcare workers. Proper cleaning prevents the spread of infection, reduces the risk of illnesses, and improves patient satisfaction. Cleaning in the medical sector should be conducted by trained professionals who understand the importance of a thorough and effective cleaning routine and who use the correct products and procedures.

Albany Cleaning Solutions has worked within the Healthcare Sector and for the NHS for over 20 years. We work in various healthcare environments, including Medical Centres, NHS Welsh Ambulance Services, Medical Charities, Dental Practices and many more.

Medical Sector Cleaning

Our healthcare and medical sector cleaning services include:

  • Infection Control Training – We train our staff to follow infection control at all times, and we provide colour-coded cleaning equipment, including mopping systems, micro fibre cloths, gloves and product dispensers to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Risk Assessments & Method Statements – As standard procedure, we ensure employees carry out all tasks in line with health and safety legislation.
  • COSHH – We thoroughly train our Cleaning Operatives in the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, with site access to information and safety accessible at all times.
  • Fully Vetted Staff – We fully vet all our Cleaning Operatives, Mobile Cleaning Teams and Area Managers, including DBS checks where required.
  • NHS Experts – We have an experienced Dedicated Expert Medical Cleaning Operational Management Team.
  • Cleaning Standards – We carry out regular quality audits via our Area Managers and Supervisors


  • Our client satisfaction and high customer retention are supported by our ISO 9001 certification for quality assurance.
  • We have an environmentally friendly approach to cleaning, which is certified by our ISO 14001 accreditation.
  • The importance of Health & Safety at all times is paramount and is supported by our OHSAS 45001 Health & Safety Management certification.

Albany Cleaning is the solution if you are looking for a professional cleaning team for your healthcare or medical environment. For a bespoke quotation for a cleaning programme tailored to your needs, please email, phone us on 029 2294 0475 or complete our online form.

Medical Sector Cleaning

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