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Outsource Your Office Cleaning

Why would you outsource your office cleaning if you can do it yourself?  There’s no question your office needs to be cleaned regularly as a clean and tidy office space is more welcoming to employees and visitors, and provides a comfortable, calming place to work and host meetings, while a messy and unclean office space is not a productive space to work, nor a place where employees and visitors want to spend time. When you outsource your office cleaning to professional cleaners, they take care of everything so you can instead focus on the more important parts of your business.

Here are our top reasons to outsource your office cleaning.


It’s a Better Use of Time

You and your employees are not professional cleaners, so expecting your office to be spotlessly clean doing the cleaning yourselves simply isn’t going to garner the right results. Using a professional cleaning company for your cleaning and using your and your employees’ time on the tasks you hired them to do is a far better use of time and will save your business money in the long run.

Higher Standards of Cleanliness

When you use a professional cleaning company with years of experience, they achieve much higher standards of cleanliness. Professional cleaners know the trade tips such as the right products to use, high touch zones and frequently missed areas.

Having a beautifully clean office space provides a great first impression for visitors, potential clients, prospective job candidates and anyone else who enters your premises.

Cleaner Spaces Are Safer

Since the pandemic hit, everyone is more aware of the necessity of cleanliness and the potential spread of germs when surfaces aren’t properly cleaned and sanitised. Unclean office spaces encourage the spread of germs and the potential of employee illness. The average employee loses nine working days per year due to sickness, so keep your office spaces clean by using a professional cleaning company to cut this number down.

All Cleaning Materials and Equipment Supplied

At Albany Cleaning Solutions, we bring all of the products, materials, and equipment needed to clean your office space to perfection. You never have to worry about ordering cleaning products, buying new vacuums or anything else. Everything is provided by us, allowing us to complete the job to the highest of standards. Even less for you to worry about.

Out of Hours Cleaning

Professional cleaning companies like ours provide out of hours cleaning services, so there aren’t cleaners working whilst you and your employees are. Having someone come in to clean desks and vacuum carpets while working isn’t professional or conducive to productive working, so we offer flexible options to clean your office space outside of your working hours.

There’s never been a better time to outsource your cleaning so you and your employees can focus on the tasks that will help your business succeed. If you’d like to discuss our professional office cleaning services for your office in Bristol, Cardiff, Newport or Swansea, contact us today by calling 029 2048 7538 or email and a member of our team will get back to you.

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