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Top Cleaning Tips to Protect Your Office Space from Coronavirus

COVID-19 or coronavirus that originated in China has steadily spread across the world, urging the WHO to declare the disease as a pandemic.

Health professionals are advising everybody to cover their nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing. It’s also helpful to keep a safe distance from individuals exhibiting signs of respiratory illness to check the virus from spreading.

As a reputed cleaning company in Swansea, we provide high-quality commercial cleaning services across the UK. In this post, our cleaning specialists take a look at some measures you can adopt to keep your office squeaky clean and protect everyone from the novel coronavirus.

Place Sanitisers and Hand-Wash at Strategic Points
Ensure that you place hand-wash and sanitisers in all prominent areas in the office including reception, bathroom and conference room.

Keep Work Environments Clean
Make sure that the entire office premises are cleaned every day. Hire an experienced cleaning company in Swansea to take provide a professional service and assured results. Our professional cleaners will clean every nook and corner, and ensure everything that could be vulnerable is disinfected.

Use Technology to Your Advantage
Employers should seriously consider providing personal phones, laptops and computers to every staff member to minimise the need to share office equipment.

Consider devising a stop-gap system where employees can work from home more often, and on days when they’re sick or unwell.

Additionally, offer videoconferencing facilities so customers and suppliers can constantly keep in touch with your team operating out of home.

Use Motion Sensors
Make sure you take steps to install motion-sensing equipment. At the same time, restrict surfaces your employees have to touch to operate or use them.

For instance, you can install doors with motion detectors that push open automatically. Alternatively, you can fit swing doors that can be opened either way by using your foot or shoulders.

Hand a Box of Disinfecting Wipes to Employees
Handover a tube of disinfectant or a box of wipes to all your employees. Where possible, place a few tubes in areas accessed by employees and visitors such as bathrooms, foyers and hallways.

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